Maria Garay Reynolds

The Artist, Healer, & Author

I have been asked many times where do your ideas for each painting come from? I was born was the gift of understanding my make belief world as a child, and understood that make believe and real everyday life are one That between both worlds and listen and allowing myself to channel my spirit guilds to paint with me. I have always believed I was born from start dust in the universe. A Star seed person. I can see all aura’s; All living things has an aura and I can read their history because they talk to me. I see you because we humans and also animals all life have beautiful colors. I see those wonderful fun beautiful colors and they talk to me. IN WHOLENESS “I AM”

Maria Garay Reynolds is a born starseed, an artist using watercolors, acrylics and mixed media, has been painting since 1977 and has exhibited her work in many galleries across the United States.

Paintings result from the creative imagination of all living energy. What is creativity? It is the voice of the soul, the voice of our source, our core. As it comes to life, each paint stroke is someone’s aura, energy and the story of that life that Maria is intuiting. From her clairvoyant readings, Maria sees, feels, and knows the Sixth and Seventh dimensions, and then paints what she sees.

In addition to her painting and exhibitions, Maria also teaches classes in how to meditate, use your clairvoyance, and how to use and do alternative healing work. She has also recently written her first book and is working on another. Click here to learn more about her book Autopsy of a Soul.

With the purchase of a painting, Maria offers a free Healing/Reading by phone or email.

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