Autopsy of A Soul

Autopsy of a soul is a inspirational story ripped from the pages of the life of a woman named Maria Reynolds. Though very small in stature this is a woman that commands enormous respect that she has earned over a lifetime of adversity and accomplishment. She has lived a long and turbulent life that began in the small farming community in northern California where Maria was born into a very old fashioned and oppressive family structure.
As a second generation Mexican American woman Maria was raised to be the picture perfect woman. With 5 older brothers she was taught Autopsy of a Soulat an early age that this is man’s world and that women are to be seen and not heard and that woman are to do as they are told and that her only purpose was to serve the men of her life. She was denied the opportunities that many of us take for granted because in her day education was wasted on girls because they are only permitted to stay at home and raise children. Maria was a foreigner in her own country she was raised in a very rural community and had very little contact with the outside world. It wasn’t until well into her teenage years that she was exposed to the world outside of her farm that she realized that she was poor and oppressed.

Her spirit was fierce and she was hungry for adventure and for life and experience. Maria was young and rebellious she left home against her parents’ wishes as soon as she was old enough and ran into the arms of the man that she thought would give her the life that she had dreamed of. He was handsome and courageous and she believed that he was going to protect her and they were going to live a wonderful life together. Unfortunately for Maria not too long after she ran away her dreams came crashing down and she soon realized that the man of her dreams was not who she thought he was. Like many young people they had hard times and her husband quickly became violent and abusive. Maria was hopelessly lost and alone she had alienated her family and to teach her a lesson they refused to help her. When she turned to them for help they refused and send her back to her abusive husband to face the music. Six children later and after being beaten down for years She finally Summoned the courage to flee, she packed her things took her children and slipped away from her abuser once he found them he put a gun to her head and threatened to end her life Maria was so tired of being afraid and I suspect that she wanted her suffering to end she gave up and told him then go ahead and kill me get it over with. She was done being afraid and her abuser was powerless to control her since she no longer feared him he abandoned her with her Six children.

Once again alone Maria had to start over from scratch. Maria found herself alone again with six young children no family no husband no education and no skills she would take her children and scavenge for cans to fill her car with gas so that she could look for work Broken and ashamed Maria turned to her neighbors and her landlady and cleaned houses and worked in the field to pay the rent. Slowly she made it through day by day she got emergency food stamps from the county and went on what must have been a million job interviews while somehow etching out an existence.

That’s when Maria met her second husband a white man that introduced her to a life that she never could dreamed existed with social gatherings, and camping trips she thought she had found happiness for the first time in her life. All of these wonderful experiences made Maria lust for more, her new husband was still oppressive but he did give her new opportunities that she never had before. Her husband allowed Maria however to attend night school as long as it didn’t interfere with here domestic duties, and she was more than happy to comply. But what Maria found in those classes was more than anybody had bargained for. Going back to school gave her a new breath of life her spirit was revived and Maria was again back in the position she was in when she was a young girl her spirit was restless and she knew that the world had more to offer than a life of servitude. When she talked to her husband about working and being independent that’s when the abuse began again it seemed like a nightmare that she could never escape. Her husband felt like he was losing control over her and intended to remind her that without him she was nothing. It went on for years and quietly she served with a smile but at the same time she was learning and watching and then the day Maria had decided Enough is enough She was not going to live out the rest of her days being abused and mistreated and made to feel worthless and ashamed she fought for her own independence and the right to be happy and she paid dearly for it. But Maria tasted life and freedom and she was not going to be denied any longer. Her second marriage ended and Maria was again left alone with her youngest of six still at home she had to start over again.

This time was different she was a new person full of confidence and self-esteem and it wasn’t long until she had landed a great job working for the city and she was for once in her life making it on her own without anybody to hold her back. She continued to educate herself and is now an ordained minister and author a teacher and coach. She has now dedicated her life to helping people overcome adversity in their own life through spiritual coaching and mentoring. There is no obstacle in our path that is to big to overcome with love, and understanding she has helped many people learn how to recognize when they are being abused and what to do to end it and live a happy and healthy life. Autopsy of a soul is much more than a Maria’s story it is a like seeing yourself in a mirror that allows you to see deep into your soul where you keep the secrets and thoughts that only you know.

Maria exposes the feelings that we all have but oppress and keep hidden in a secret chamber in our heart that we don’t discuss with other people. We all have feelings of fear and shame that we may or may not even realize that we have because we work so hard to hide it from friends and relatives and even from ourselves.

Autopsy of a soul is literally what Maria attempts to perform with this book. When we open up our souls and uncover the secret unseen injuries and causes of our pain and unhappiness, she gets right to the point and exposes the root causes of shame, fear, social programming, and emotional abuse, how words can affect a person’s wellbeing and state of mind and can cause the death of a person spirit. I highly recommend this book for anybody that has ever struggled in their life and to anybody that has children or plans to have children in the future must read this book

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