Metaphysical Science

Metaphysical ScienceMetaphysical Science

Maria became a Minister of Metaphysical Science in 1995 after studying for three years. Subjects studied include:

– Metaphysical Bible Interpretations
– Metaphysical Science based on the work of Ernest Holms, Joel Goldsmith, and Emma Curtis Hopkins
– Christian Teachers’ Program
– Practitioner’s Course
– Minister Class

She also studied with many great teachers on many subjects relating to Spiritual knowledge.

We call Metaphysics the Science of Life, because to know pure Metaphysics is to renew the life and make death and accident impossible; the Science of Health, because to know Metaphysics is to be perfectly well and free from liability to sickness or disease of any kind; the Science of Strength, because to know Metaphysics is to be strong beyond any strength you have ever dreamed of. Nothing is too hard for those who are strong with the strength of Metaphysics. We call Metaphysics the Science of Defense or Protection, for no ill can come nigh the dwelling of one who puts his trust in the principle.

This Science of life, truth, love, substance, and intelligence is for all who look. God is Spirit, therefore it is the Science of Spirit which we are to study when we open the reasoning with the word God. God is the name for that Intelligence which out of its own substance bestowed upon you that intelligence you now have.

– The mind of man is the mind of God.
– The life of man is the life of God.
– The soul of man is the soul of God.
– The spirit of man is the spirit of God.

Mind, Life, Soul, Spirit are names of God. Becoming whole and loving yourself is part of this exciting journey. Intuition awakes from within yourself. because you learn that all answers are within yourself. Clarivoyance is to say I am awake and know and feel all Universal energy, sight, knowing, hearing and listen to God’s answers and act on those answers.

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