Autopsy of a Soul – Preview

Reverend Maria Reynolds


Chapter 1


I can still hear my mother’s voice yelling “Why, did you do that?” In total surprise, I could not understand her anger. Her face distorted with rage, completely surprised me. Her arms were flying, her mouth was open with horrible loud words spilling out. My heart pounded with fear. I closed my eyes, but I could still see her with my ears. My mind was trying to understand why she was so angry. On that frightening day so long ago fear was born and became my silent partner. Fear standing at my side casting a shadow around me, gave me a strong unpleasant awareness of not being liked. Somehow I was extremely bad. My stomach was upset and I could hear my heart pounding through my whole body. I felt intense sorrow about being chastised, my soul felt timid. I found myself on the outside looking in. I could hear my voice crying, stop, I did nothing wrong. But the words would not leave my mouth.
“Zoom, Zoom,” the loud sound of a car in the distance woke me from a sound sleep; I felt I had slept for days. My eyes began to focus beyond my front window. I could see tree tops gently swaying. Serenity deep within embraced me. In this altered place, between sleeping and waking, I felt safe and at peace. My war within me was over, I emerged a whole person as the cloak of fear completely vanished. Guidance gently spoke to me, in the form of a whispering voice telling me to do an autopsy on my soul. Now I can explore and remember my past without suppressed issues or emotional attachments. I realize that I am not imprisoned by any person, condition or external power. My autopsy consists of literally facing each hurtful, fearful memory, one fragment at a time. With determination as my scalpel, I cut away my programming and uncovered the memories of my God’s consciousness that spoke to me all my life.


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