Autopsy of a Soul – Page 4

That night on the beach when I heard those questions and statements, I did not know the answers or understand what I heard. But as sure as the ocean waves roared against the rocks, I clearly heard God’s voice telling me where to find the answers to helping myself. I needed to go back to school and get an education to help me unravel and understand what I intuitively heard.

I had dropped out of high school. I was apprehensive about where I could go or if I could even go back to a school. That familiar feeling of fear crept up speaking loudly to me. “What makes you think that you can learn anything?” I acted on my guidance and worked up enough courage to find a school. I studied psychology at my community college. I learned how our subconscious remembers and stores everything it sees and hears from birth and our experiences of hurt, disappointments, unfulfilled desires, and dreams.

When we partner fear with silence or the suppression of our emotions, we learn to hide our inner self, causing mini-deaths of our soul.

It starts with the image our parents have of us; their view influences us. Parents teach with words and actions their ideas of love, and what image their children should
project onto the world. This is how we begin to change into somebody other than our true self. Many people walk in and out of our life contributing to the forming of the image of who we pretend to be, we pretend because we want to please and be liked. The more we seek approval from our external, the more lost and separated from our true self we become. My parents are from Mexico and their traditions are from the old country. Religion, along with superstition, played a big role in my family dynamics. Male and females have different roles in life with specific unwritten rules you must obey. When these lines are crossed and you offend,


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